About Us

Mobile Pharmacy is Ottawa’s Top Online Pharmacy

What sparked the idea?
Mobile Pharmacy exists to fill the need of people who are looking for a hassle-free pharmacy experience. Some pharmacies allow you to get your prescription delivered. Some pharmacies have online prescription renewals. Some online retailers sell over the counter medication. But... No other Canadian pharmacy has an online store where you can shop for over-the-counter items, fill your prescriptions, and get everything delivered at no extra charge all in one convenient experience.

Our Mission
We strive to go above and beyond the essential services in pharmacy practice. Mobile Pharmacy offers a number of services that can save you time and money to help you reach optimum health without making it a chore. While we’re ready to meet all your medication needs, we encourage lifestyle changes that can reduce or remove the need for medication all together. Our ultimate goal is to reach a level where all pharmacy products can be delivered to you in under 2 hours (or even less than 1 hour) of your order. As a growing company, we are working towards this goal, and your business will fuel progress towards this level of service. Giving us your support, suggestions, and preferences will help us to grow to your liking. We look forward to earning your business and growing to be your go-to pharmacy.

Your Custom Pharmacy
Tell us what you think! We're always looking to serve you better and find ways to make better health easier and more convenient. Suggestions are taken straight to the owner to improve your experience.